• Adam's Service Tip: Volkswagen Routan Headlight Replacement

    Saturday 24 October 2015

    As some of you may remember, I did a post not long ago about my sister in-law's VW Routan and her pink headlight. Well, the time finally came when she asked me to replace them...and nearly kill me in the process, though that's a whole 'nother story.   Her van is very similar to the one pictured at the top of the page, but hers is an SEL with the HID (High Intensity Discharge) projector style headlights. In these pictures, the left picture is the projector style HID, and the rig... read more

  • Adam’s Service Tip: Blower Motor Resistor Failure

    Wednesday 12 August 2015

    So, it’s crazy hot outside. You’ve started your car ahead of time and cracked a window open to allow the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) system do its thing. After a few minutes, you open the door and climb in. So what happened? You left your blower switch on high speed, but it’s not working! After you take a breath, you attempt turning your blower fan switch down one notch and BOOM! It works! So what happened? In most cases, it’s a blower motor... read more

  • Adam’s Service Tip: Overheating

    Wednesday 29 July 2015

    Not long ago I heard about a 2013 Ford Focus with 49,xxx miles where the customer had a complaint of their vehicle running hot when stuck in traffic and the a/c would start blowing warm during this overheating. My first thought was a cooling fan problem. The cooling system is designed to command the radiator fan(s) to engage when the engine reaches a certain temperature, usually when the vehicle is running but not moving quickly enough to force air from outside through the radiat... read more

  • Adam’s Service Tip: Service StabiliTrak Message

    Wednesday 01 July 2015

    I’ve been hearing a lot about an issue lately. A message occurring on newer GMC/Chevrolet trucks and vans (2008+ Chevy Express/GMC Savana, Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon, Cadillac Escalade/GMC Yukon, Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra), and I thought I’d share some information I’ve learned about the problem and fix with you. The message drivers are seeing on their message display says, “Service StabiliTrak­,” or just a traction control MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp), sometimes accom... read more

  • Adam’s Service Tip: Prevent Rusty Brake Lines

    Wednesday 17 June 2015

    Not long ago, there was a federal investigation into complaints of brake lines rusting through and failing causing accidents on some GM vehicles, namely 1997-2003 GMC Sierra/Chevy Silverado, GMC Yukon/Chevy Tahoe/Suburban/Cadillac Escalade SUVs. Now, there were 2,702 complaints  about rusted brake lines, and of those, there were 88 crashes and 20 injuries. These numbers only reflect “salt belt” states (most of the midwest) where salt is used during the winter months to hel... read more